Vans and minibuses

Vans and minibuses

All vehicles over 8 seats (Mercedes Sprinter, Otokar Mega T, buses, etc.) can be rented only with our licensed professional drivers, as otherwise by law is not allowed.

Vivaro-Combi-crni-bez.tablica.jpg - Kombi i minibus

Opel Vivaro

Number of seats:  1+7

Mercedes V class 1+7 AUT..jpg - Kombi i minibus

Mercedes Viano

Number of seats:  1+6

MERCEDES SPRINTER.jpg - Kombi i minibus

Mercedes Sprinter

Number of seats:  15-20

k_otokar.jpg - Kombi i minibus

Otokar Mega T

Number of seats:  30-35

k_travego-bez.tablica.jpg - Kombi i minibus

Mercedes Travego

Number of seats:  45-50

new-man-bus-bez.tablica.jpg - Kombi i minibus

MAN Coach

Number of seats:  45-55